Saturday, August 13, 2011

Finally an update for Newburgh Heights

Sorry guys but the Summer has really been keeping me busy. I have little to no time to work on Newburgh Heights. With the little time I do have I worked on Newburgh Heights in bits and pieces. I did install generations a week or so after its release and ran into a few  problems. I ended up having to reinstall. One thing I am happy about though is that I managed to not lose the Newburgh Heights world file. Yay! Over the last couple of months I've been letting my pictures stack up. For the next couple of days I will try to give some updates on the pictures I have neglected to post. No promises though.. Today I'll show a some of the builds and a short mention of things I do and do like and also what I plan to change.

So on to the pics....

This is the gym located in the Beach area. I'm not sure if I want to change or not. I'm still debating if I want to update with the new items from Town Life. Originally this was the gym located in Newport Bay. I did however update it with items from Late Night.

This is an arcade I built for teens to hangout. It is called the Powerhouse Arcade. It is also located in the beach area. 

Just a pic of the entrance to the Business building. I may change the rabbithole after I playtest it a little more.

Criminal Warehouse located in the Industrial district. Currently named Ocean's 22 Packaging Co. 

The Science Facility. I had a name for it but I really don't like it, so I'm brainstorming on what it should be named.

Rear view of the Science Facility. It is located in the industrial area.

Military Base. Still trying to come up with a name. I really have a hard time with coming up with names.

Rear view of the Military Base.

Fire Department. Definitely will be some changes here. The landscaping is not fitting this area at all. I don't think the building looks grungy enough for this part of town so it will definitely be getting a slight makeover. If you haven't noticed this is the same Fire Dept found in Newport Bay.

Not sure if this has been showed but this is the subway lot found in the more upscale part of Newburgh Heights. 

Subway found in the Suburban area.

A lot that was built in the Suburban area. Unfortunately I lost due to not saving. But I do plan to rebuild it again. This is just a shell of it. 

This is supposed to be the community pool but honestly it will be getting bulldozed. It's ugly and I have no idea what I was thinking. I'm not even going to bother with showing more pics of this horrific disaster.

The library. Currently it is called the Newburgh Municipal Library. When I can be creative enough it will have a better name. This library can be found in my studio under the name Pine Cove Library. This is an updated version. I only updated with a couple of Ambitions items but I plan to add the mixology level 1 skill book. No I'm not adding all the levels of every skill book. If I do, then there will not be a point of having a book store. 

A single family starter. I'm not very good at building starters, hopefully I'll get better.

Another single family starter.

Cambridge Pointe found its way into the suburbs. I may water down the landscaping a bit.

Some homes that I have made over the summer that I plan to add to Newburgh Heights. I've yet to furnish them. I'll probably just add bare necessities. Wow saying that reminds of the movie The Jungle Book.

Sorry no pics of the beach. I have new plans and its currently under new construction. In the next post I'll show pics of the inside of the Art Center.

For those who have no idea about The Jungle Book. Enjoy!

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  1. I have trouble coming up with names too! Especially for rabbithole lots. So many of my lot names end up having 'Charleston' in the title *naming fail*. You have a great eye for detail, I especially love how you accessorised the subway stations.



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