Saturday, June 4, 2011

It's Been Awhile

I know it's been awhile but blame that on CAW. I have been spending most of my simming time trying to finsih Newburgh Heights. I still have long ways to go due to rl taking place. I have most of the community lots done. Playtesting is near completion. I probably will release a testing version for others to point out things I may have missed.  I  don't have many residential lots completed. So far I have two starters and a small home. I haven't done any of the nightclubs either or apartments because trying to build inside the shell gives me a  headache. Well, not really that is just an excuse I'm using so I can get finished and play generations. Talk about drooling over all the pics from other simmers. I was just going to go ahead and install generations but then with my luck I thought it was best to finish this world. I really don't want to lose it like Newport Bay. So I guess it is time to show off some progress. You have been warned pic spam is about to take place.

Downtown: Almost complete only 3 lots to go. Salon, Consignment Shop, and a football Field.

City Hall

Modern Art Gallery: This is an earlier version, it just shows the architecture. The inside is complete.

Central Park before the Art Gallery and City Hall was completed and don't worry those lights have been removed.

Subway Station and EV Station

Police Station

Another Subway Station in the Downtown Area. In total there is two stations downtown.

Shopping Plaza includes Bookstore, Grocer, Spa, and Bistro. Originally there would have been two plazas but had some problems with the consignment shop during testing hence the consignment shop and salon not being completed.

Downtown at Sunrise. I'll post at night shot later.

Well I guess thats all I'm going to show for now. I'll post pictures of the beach are tomorrow.

Just a few more random pics.

Tomorrow we'll meet up at the beach!

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