Thursday, August 18, 2011

Newburgh Heights: Pictures of Sunset Beach and other random places!

I know I promised to get some more pics of the  Art Center, don't worry the weeks not over yet. Well since after patching I had to reinstall Newburgh Heights, this time around I ran into a problem with the beach, reason why I'm posting pics of it instead of the Art Center. I sent one of my tester sims to enjoy the beach and only to find it flooded. I don't know how that happened because last test version there was no flooding. So I decided to go back in CAW and fix the terrain and place another beach lot. I wasn't too upset about it though because I planned on remaking the beach anyhow. Hey at least that gives me a story to tell about Newburgh Heights. So after making fixes in CAW and exporting again all was fine, except there was no beach to visit. So I remade the beach. Sunset Beach is named after the main street that runs along the beach area.
 Picture of the great flood. Sorry if the picture is a little dark.

Now time for pictures of the beach after the great flood.

Screenshot of Sunset Beach taken from ocean views.

I made the picnic tables white to match the ones placed in CAW. The picture right below is a small parking lot found next to beach.

In the last post I said that the fire dept. looked out of place in the area that it was in. I did a very slight makeover, not too many changes. I'm happy with the results. The empty area right across from the fire dept will be a dive bar. Just a little whole in the wall for the residents near by and firemen/women to visit after a hard day of saving lives.

Replaced the grocer and restaurant rabbitholes. The grocery store from Town Life seemed more fitting and heck I just like that restaurant and had to use it.

Random pic of the Diner. Currently named 49er's Diner. Its named after a small diner in my area that I frequent a lot. I think I was craving McDonald's fries when I chose the colors. The empty area next to it, I'm thinking about leaving that area open for future expansions.

A chapel I built a while ago. Please excuse the way it looks now. Items were replaced because I have not added any store content to my game yet. I did however make it over and made some updates such as adding wedding arches from Generations. No pictures until it has been fully playtested.

On a side note: I finally built the consignment shop, currently named Things Remembered. It is currently undergoing playtesting, so pictures of that should be coming soon. Remember that horrible pool I showed the other day, well Newburgh Heights residents has a new and improved one. No pictures because I forgot to take them.

Oh and....
This is Carrie Dean, she's currently testing out the seed and gem spawners for me. She's also making sure that all of the gardening opportunities are available.

Until next time, Happy Simming!

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