Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Mint Condition Starter

A small one bedroom starter perfect for the sim just starting out and looking to enter the Journalism Career or writing the next bext seller. It has one bathroom and a small room, large enough to add a washer and dryer. The Mint Condition has an open floor plan with the basic necessities for your sim. Unfortunately it does not contain any decor. The Mint Condition Starter was built for someone to create memories of their own and to add their own personal style to it. The starting price for The Mint Condition is 14,169 simoleons furnished and 11,408 simoleons unfurnished. This home is best placed at 2250 Pinochle Point in Sunset Valley or an Empty 30X30 lot with a price tag of 1,300 simoleons. Contains no custom content or items from the Sims 3 Store. See below for more info.

The Floor Plan



Expansion and Stuff Packs 
World Adventures
High End Loft
Fast Lane
Late Night
Outdoor Living
Town Life
Master Suite

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