Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cypress Hill

Cypress Hill was originally called The Bare Necessity and was built for the TSS Town Project. Months later it has been upgraded to suit my simself wants and needs. It still has the three original bedrooms, but they have gone under more interior design as well the whole house. An addtional bathroom has been added giving the home a total of 3 bathrooms. A small home office is now included as well as a laundry room. The back of the home now contains a grilling area, a small play yard, and a garden. One of the best qualities of Cypress Hill is the magnificent views it has over the town of Sunset Valley. Cypress Hill is a 30X30 lot and is best placed at 2350 Pincochle Point in Sunset Valley. The final sales price is $115,912 Furnished and $58,125 Unfurnished. It contains no custom content but does contain items from the TS3 store.

The Floor Plan

Exterior Shots


To view more pictures view the slideshow.

Expansion Packs Used

Stuff Packs Used
Store Content

Note: I had a small problem after replacing the lot, in the boys bedroom the loft bed duplicated. I did remove them before uploading, however I'm not sure if it will do this again.


  1. Beautiful house and front of the house literally knocked me! My all homes hide at your one. Congratulations :)

  2. Thanks, I stopped by your blog and you have some very nice homes and sims.



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