Friday, September 7, 2012

New and Unfinished Lots Coming Soon!

I haven't been here in a while! I apologize for such a long absence, but I had to take a break on creating. During the summer season it has and always will be hard for me to concentrate on creating anything. Now that the summer season is almost over, I have a craving to create some things.

It all started with getting Supernatural and wanting a more elegant place for my snobbish witch to live. Her home is just about complete, it just needs a little curb appeal.

Another lot that is near completion is my upgraded TSS home. I would have just uploaded it, but I decided to makeover the kitchen and change the roof a bit.

During my stay in Lucky Palms, I created a small home on the lake. It was just something put together, but then going back and looking at it I realized that it has some potential. It needs a bit of work on the second level, but the lower level I'm happy with. Also I'm going to change some of the fencing.

Since I rarely upload any community lots, I decided to finish up a casino that I abandoned too. This one still have a lot of work, The pic below is the very early stages as you can see the doors are missing and the landscaping is sparse and all over the place.

Well thats just about all the lots for now, there is still a few more but I just have pictures of the lots that I showed.

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