Thursday, November 1, 2012

Magnolia Estate

Magnolia Estate is a 3 story Victorian Home built on a 40X40 lot. It has 3 bedrooms with one of them being a master suite with en suite bathroom. There is a total of 4 bathrooms one of which is a powder room found on the main level. Magnolia Estate has a very elegant living and dining room with a very small kitchen located near the rear of the home. You can also find a small study on the main level. A spiral staircase leads to the second floor where you'll find the homes sleeping quarters. There is a master suite, a room decorated for a female child and a nursery. Magnolia Estate also has a secret passageway with a service elevator which leads to the third floor which contains a bathroom and a place where any witch or alchemist will enjoy. The grounds of Magnolia Estate is covered with Magnolia Trees, Pink and White Hydrangeas. There's a pond, gazebo and a patio. Also included is a garden plot and planters but I removed the harvestable plants.  Magnolia Estate final pricing is 233,245 Furnished and 111,673 Unfurnished. It is best placed at 1138 Merchant Way in Moonlight Falls. Contains 1 Custom Pattern look for the link below. Magnolia Estate does contain many store items, which will be listed below. BTW, this is my very first attempt at trying to make a Victorian, so I hope you like it.

The Floor Plan



To view more pics try the Slideshow

Expansion Packs Used
World Adventures
Late Night

Stuff Packs Possibly Used
High End Loft
Fast Lane
Outdoor Living
Town Life
Master Suite
KP Sweet Treats

Created with Game Update
1.38 Patch

Store Items
Regal Living Full Set
Old Town Starter Kit

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