Sunday, May 27, 2012

Holly Calderon

Holly is a sweet, excitable girl that have a love for horses. She doesn't mind getting a little dirty and fixing things herself. She is super friendly but she has an issue with getting undressed.

Traits: Equestrian, Excitable, Friendly, Handy, Never Nude
Favorites: Cookies, Country Music, Blue
Zodiac: Scorpio
Lifetime Wish: The Jockey

Skin: Buffy Skintone V4 by Joedy
Eyes: Oh my Eyes (Defaults) by Escand
Hair: Newsea Samantha Retexture by Lotus/Get Newsea version here

Eyeshadow: Two color Smoky Eyeshadow by Frozen & Iced
Lipstick: Moisturizing Lipgloss by Pralinesims

More pictures of Holly

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