Saturday, June 2, 2012

Carmen Cantrell

Carmen Cantrell is a feisty diva that will stop at nothing to have the perfect life filled with riches. She's an evil gold digger that will mooch away every last simoleon away from your pockets.

Traits: Diva, Evil, Loves the Outdoors, Mooch, Perfectionist
Favorites: Tri-Tip Steak, Pop Music, Yellow
Zodiac: Aries
Lifetime Wish: Gold Digger

Skin: Buffy Skintone V4 by Joedy
Eyes: Oh my eyes (defaults) by Escand
Hair: Piggy Hairstyle by Newsea

Everyday Eyeshadow: 2 Colour Smoky Eyeshadow by Frozen and Iced
Lipstick: Kissme by Ichenchen
Formal Eyeshadow: Mocha Eyeshadow by Ladyfrontbum
Swimwear Eyeshadow: Candy Crush Eyeshadow by Ladyfrontbum

Everyday Bracelet: Dior Bracelet by monkeyman1234
Everyday Outfit: Ruffled Collar by TS3 Store  (must have Hidden Springs)
Formal Shoes: High Heel Shoes by keram25
Sleepwear: Lace Sleepwear Set by Liana
Swimwear Pattern: Velvet Sequin 3 by Harmonia09

More pictures of Carmen



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