Friday, September 9, 2011

Newburgh Municipal Pool and Newburgh Neighborhood Layout Photos.

Newburgh Heights Municipal Pool. I didn't like the original one that I built so I gave it a slight makeover and I'm happy with the way it looks now.

As you can see in the back I added the laundromat from townlife. I'm not sure if I'll keep it not, but if I do it's going to get a makeover. I think it blends in too much with pool.

Newburgh Heights Neighborhood Layouts
First we have the suburbs. The suburban part of town is very family oriented. It contains parks, the school, a pool and a diner. The homes are designed in a Traditional architecture style.

The suburbs is about 75% complete. 

This is downtown, it is about 60% completed. I still need to build the salon and football field. I'll probably get started on the salon today. I also need two apartments here. I'm thinking maybe of adding EA built ones and making them over. 

This is the industrial docks. It is the seedier part of town. It contains the criminal warehouse, science facility, military base, and some apartments and clubs. This part of town is where the less fortunate wlll probably start out. It is about 30% complete.

Here we have the beach. Here you will find the beach of course, the gym, an arcade, a couple of clubs. one of them being a poolside club. Have not started any homes here. This is about 25% into completion. Don't mind those apartment shells they're just there as placeholders. Those will get bulldozed before it's all said and done. I don't want them blocking my view of the beautiful sunset on the beach. BTW the name of the beach is Sunset Beach because it faces Newburgh Heights' beautiful Sunset. I'll try to get some pictures of it the next time I'm in game.

I call this area Highland Hills. This is where the very well off will stay. Sorry no starters here, but if your sim can afford it they will be able to purchase an empty lot. As you can see I have not done very much here. Just added the graveyard, which I used EA's Ivy Hill from Twinbrook, because I really like it. Did give it a few changes though.  The homes here will be somewhere along the line of modern mansions.

Well thats just about it. I wanted to give an overview of the whole map, but found it hard to get pictures of the whole map while in game. I'll try to get one next time I'm in CAW.

Happy Simmning!

Oh one more pic. I found it hilarious that the vampire guy passes out while this sim is protesting about werewolves.

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