Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Items that may possibly be in the Generations EP

Okay guys here is the list of new things I found the Generations trailer. I also went ahead and added items from the screenshots too.
Canes for Elder Sims
Lava Lamp-I saw two different kinds, one was a table lamp and the other was a floor lamp
New Flower arrangement for decor
A see saw
New curtains
new ceiling light
tree house
new children's bookcase
new toybox
items for a science lab
stink bomb
round table
wedding cakes
new fridge
spiral staircase
new slide for playground
cap and gown
toy pirate ship-this may be decorative
new coffee table
hanging plant
wedding arches
toy robot
toy rocket
two hairstyles for female child-look closely at the girls playing hopscotch
hairstyle for female adult elder
costumes for children
toy contractor truck

Here is a list of new interactions that I saw
pillow fights-this is at the very beginning of the video
kids can torment other kids-that little boy must have the evil trait
egg house
teenage crush
memories-I'm certainly happy for this feature
graduation ceremony
teen house parties
bachelor parties
wedding ceremonies
pop champagne
pranks-one was to clog the toilet
give gift interaction-been waiting on this one too.
family photos
hop scotch
kids can have imaginary friends, not sure about this one though

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