Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Upcoming Sims 3 World: Newport Bay

For the last couple of weeks I have been working on a new world. As of now I have decided to call it Newport Bay. Newport Bay is my second attempt at making a world. My first world was never completed due to some of the problems that occured with CAW after the Ambitions release. Newport Bay will be divided into different sections or districts. There will be an art district, In the art district you will find an art gallery of course. A theatre wii also be found in the art district. I'm not going to add many residential lots in this section except for maybe two apartment buildings. The art district is mainly a section for entertainment. A fashion district. I plan to include the spa and a beauty shop. Not sure if I want to place them on the same lot or not just yet. The tattoo parlor will be nearby. The historical district is mainly an area where sims can make history as far as jobs and professions go. I have already added a city hall. The hospital, police station, and fire department will also be added in this district. Other districts that will be included is a farming district. There will be a poor part of town where crime is at an all time high. I have made an area for those who like isolation far off from the busier sections of town. Also a small suburb is included. I have most of the sculpting, lots, roads and terrain paints done. Not quite happy with the terraim paints some I'll probably make some changes. Just a few rabbitholes has been added. City Hall, Business Tower, and the Stadium.
Here is a couple of screenshots of Newport Bay.

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