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The Cantrell Legacy Gen. 1, Chapter 1

The Cantrell Legacy: A Golddiggers Legacy
 Generation 1, Chapter 1
As I find my way into Sunset Valley I come across a large lot of land overlooking the ocean. My mother always told me that I loved to live above my means, whatever that should mean. The lot had a beautiful view and was large enough just for little ole me. I decided to purchase this beautiful lot with the simoleons I had stolen from my ex-boyfriend right before I made my exit out of Riverview.
Now I only have 1,800 Simoleons left. That is just pocket change I can spend that just by going to the spa. Speaking of which I am in desperate need of a manicure. Huh, what am I going to do for some cash, I am not trying to work a nine to five. That just isn’t going to work. I am not one to have a job. Oooh but wait a sec, maybe if find a job I can meet that next special someone. Now where is a great a place to find a man generous enough to offer me a job and doesn’t mind at all sharing his hard earned cash? Think, think hmmm, I think City Hall should be a great place to start. With my charm I should only have to work for a couple of days.
Pew! This cab really stinks, it is stuffy in here I can hardly breath. Hey, you need to roll down the window so some fresh air can get in here. Gosh this sucks, I should have taken Emmanuel’s car. What was I thinking? Now I have to be stuck inside funky cabs until I find my next sponsor. Yes, I said it,"A SPONSOR."  That’s exactly what my next mate will be. I need cash and he’ll be making donations to keep me happy. Hahaha!

Thank goodness, some fresh air. Now I am definitely adding a new car to my gold digger’s checklist. Hi I'm Carmen Cantrell and I was interested in applying for whatever positions you have available. The clerk,"Sure right this way, human resources should be on the left side as you turn the corner." Thanks.  The guy that is helping me out is sooo cute, but I can’t be bothered with him, he's  just a helper and I don’t do helpers. I need someone high up on the podium. Funny I should say that because that is the title of my new job. This idiot gave me a job as a podium polisher. I’ll let that slide for now. I guess he’s upset because I didn’t coo over his good looks. If we were in Riverview he probably would have gave me the title Leader of the Free World. He must not know who I am. But he’ll learn and very soon at that.
Let me get out of here before this guy ticks me off even more. Finally something good about Sunset Valley, a park, a beautiful one at that. I may as well go there, I don’t have much else to do. Besides who knows, I just might meet someone who will peak my interests. Even though I have a mean streak that is out of this world, I can not deny that I really love being outdoors. Now this will definitely cheer me up a bit. (I think Carmen is a bit unstable.)
I am on a mission, if you haven't figured it out yet. I scope the area.

I zero in on all possible candidates to be my next sponsor.
Candidate 1

He would be okay, but he looks a bit on the shabby side. The whole skull cap with the sunglasses tells me that this guy is a total loser.
Candidate 2

Oh my freaking goodness. Is this guy serious or what?  This is a true definition of a midlife crisis gone bad. He probably would have been a good candidate, but I think its too late for me. He is probably all spent out by now.
Candidate 3

He’s okay in the looks department but something tells me that he is not at his full potential quite yet. Let me find out since no one else seems to be around.

Hi, my name is Carmen and don’t ask for my last name because I give it out to people I am good friends with. He is chuckling and he certainly has a nice smile. His name is Stiles McGraw. I really don’t have time for the unnecessary chitchat, don’t worry I won't tell Stiles that. Let me get right to the point of why I started this conversation in the first place. So Stiles what do you do for a living?  Stiles,"I'm in the music industry." Wow! So you are a rock star? Truthfully, I would have never guessed. You sure don’t dress like a rock star. Stiles,"I'm not a rock star yet. Right now I'm just a music talent scout. Boring and broke what a combination. Stiles, "So what made you pay a visit to the park today?"  Well, I just moved here from Riverview. Stiles cuts me off,"I always wanted to live in Riverview." Really, so you must think farming is fun? Stiles," Yes, I think working in a garden is pure bliss." Hahaha! I am not that fond about spending my time gardening in the little farm town. I like a much faster paced living that is why I made my move to Sunset Valley. But back on topic, oh yeah why I came to the park, Well for one this park is beautiful and I loooves me some outdoors. Stiles is getting very excited, "Really, I guess we do have something in common."" I have a love for the outdoors also. The walking in the park and swimming at the pool are some of my favorite things to do." Well, Well I guess Stiles and I have some of the same interests.  Really, I loved swimming back at home in my swimming pool. Stiles,"Wow, you got a pool?" No, I had a pool but I wouldn’t mind going for a swim since it so hot out. Is it always this hot here? Stiles,"Yup, it wouldn’t be Sunset Valley if it wasn’t." Hey Stiles, why don't you take me swimming at the pool?" Stiles,"Sure, it is right around the block? I hope you don't mind walking?" No, I don't mind at all.

Mmmm, who is that Stiles is talking to? He is indeed what I am looking for. He looks all business and I can just smell simoleons coming from him way over here. I have got to find out who that is. Right now!

Well hello, how are you? Mystery man," fine and as I can see you are fine too." This suave player knows how to flatter a woman. Flattery will get you everywhere. I’m Carmen Cantrell and you are? Thornton, Thornton Wolff.  So, Thornton, you look like a man all about his business, I have to ask are you really a man about his business? Thornton,"How did you guess? The expensive suit is a dead give away isn’t it. I’m a Corporate Drone in the Business world." Well I guess I do have a knack for smelling money a mile away. My mother has taught me well. So are you single? Thornton,"Honestly, no I'm not, but today is your lucky day because my stuck up wife Morganna Wolff is nowhere around. I don’t mind a little extracurricular activities every once in a while if you catch my drift." Okay he is not only suave but slick at the mouth too. Okay Carmen just laugh it off. This guy is really full of himself, but guess what so am I. Well Thornton, I don’t mind extracurricular activities either, but mine are spending time at the spa and gaining wealth on someone else’s dime, if you catch my drift. Hahaha! He is turning beet red, I guess that ticked him off. Wow, he didn't even say goodbye he just stormed off. Hahahah. Sometimes I just crack my own self up. Hahaha! Jeez, I may not have many morals but one thing I do know is not to deal with a married man. Mother always told me, never to be involved with a married man because one thing for sure you are certainly going to have to share the wealth with his wife and two he may have earned his simoleons through his wife's wealth. Well so much for that plan. Let’s see what Stiles is up too. I hope he didn’t leave, I did kind of leave him hanging.

Stiles,"Oh Carmen are you enjoying the pool." Yes and No. I didn’t get to swim because I kind of forgot I didn’t have my bathing suit with me. There is truly some characters here in Sunset Valley. Stiles,"You must be talking about Thornton." Yes, that guy is so full of himself. Stiles,"Yup, that’s Thornton. Well Carmen its getting kind of late so I’m about to head home.Do you want hitch a cab with me?" Ehem, Ehem, cough I clear ,Oh, mmm, hmmhmm, no I think I’ll just stay for a bit longer. Stiles,"Alright, I’ll see you around." Stiles, Carmen hold up sec, here is my number and you can call me anytime you need someone to talk to or hangout."  Okay, nice meeting you Stiles and I will call. Oh man, I was so much on the hunt for the next big fish that I never realized  that the fish had already been caught. On top of that, I totally forgot about finding someone to build me a small home to accommodate my needs. At least someone left there basket of food earlier. Now I don't have to starved to death. Whew, I’m so tired, I guess I’ll be spending the night here. Those lounges look mighty comfy right now.

Well, looky here. Spphh. Who does she thinks she is walking around with her nose stuck up in the air. I know she heard that or is she that into herself. Mystery woman,"Nice night isn’t?" Why is this woman talking to me. Can't she that I am trying to get some rest here. I'm not going to answer her. Ooh something smells good. I smells just like the perfume Erick bought me. I loved that perfume. I think it was called Vera something. Oh yeah, Vera Wang. Nice perfume. Mystery woman," Oh yes, my loving husband Thornton bought it a gift for our anniversary last week. I’m Morganna Wolff."

 Nice to meet you. Did she just say loving husband and Thornton in the same sentence?" If she only knew. Now time for some long overdue rest

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