Friday, February 11, 2011

Maison de Campagne

Maison de Campagne is a Country French inspired home built for the town of Versailles, a community project over at the Simmers Society. It is a two story home with 3 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms. It has an attached garage, T.V. room, living area, and dining room Maison de Campagne also includes a small pond for your sims to stock, a Nectar Maker located in the rear of the yard along side a small Grape Garden to get your sims started. Maison de Campagne is placed on a 40X40 lot. Contains no Custom Content. Fully Playtested. Checked with the Custard Tool. The town of Versailles was an idea of Melanie_kay06 over at The Simmers Society. Versailles was built by playKimSim.  For more information about the town of Versailles you can visit the following link below.

You can view the slideshow for more pictures.

Store Content Used
Dominiques Dominate Globe
Music Arsenal
Fraud Laug
Pallas Bookshelf
All of Me Mirror
The Traveler's Choice Hat Box (Box Version)
Turn The End-Tables
Beauteous Baroness Bureau
Loitering Luggage
Thanksgiving Floor Cart by Louie's Market
Mr. Turnwillow

Expansion and Stuff Packs Required
World Adventures Expansion Pack
High End Loft Stuff Pack
Ambitions Expansion Pack
Fast Lane Stuff Pack
Late Night Expansion Pack

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