Monday, February 28, 2011

Just thought I would make a post about what I have been doing in my simming world. Well, not too much simming has been going on.  I made a start on the next home in the Magnificent Series. I decided to take the poll down for the magnificent series, Reason, not enough votes in the period of time it was up. There was however a tie between three of them. The three that tied was Twilight Woods, Juniper Breeze, and Secret Wonderland. Because of the tie I decided to do all three of them. Twilight Woods will be available soon. Somehow I managed to make the lot, I must say I really enjoyed building Twilight Woods. I love the location  I chose for it, which is one of my favorite lots to build on. Well I guess I can show a preview of it. Nothings final yet, there may be some slight changes.
Another thing I found time to try to work on was Newport in CAW. Since I had so many new lots that still needed to be placed in Newport Bay, I tried once again to open it up in CAW, yet it crashed. I'm really frustrated because Newport Bay still needs some important lots added. I decided to try creating a new world file and play around in CAW just to see if it will crash. Well it never crashed. I spent at least a couple of hours just doing things just to see if it would crash, I even left it running while cooking. When I came back it was just how I left it. So I decided to complete Newport Bay in game and came to the conclusion that I would not be able to share it, Well I could, but it would be incomplete. I don't want someone to have to download lots to add to it when it should already be in the world. I also decided to give making a world one more try before I give up all hope.

I have also been wanting to play my legacy. Tomorrow I have a free day so hopefully I should have the next chapter up soon.

Well that about sums up everything. 

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