Friday, September 13, 2013

The Rising Sun Eatery

The Rising Sun Eatery is an Asian style restaurant. Enjoy traditional Asian music playing in the background to give your Sims the ultimate Asian dining experience. It has an upper and lower dining area to accommodate any dinner party. The Rising Sun is both a soothing and entertaining dining experience your Sims is sure to love. Try have a seat at the Teppanyaki bar while the chef prepare your Sims meals right in front of the very own eyes. The Rising Sun Eatery is a huge contributor to the Saving Koi Foundation, it even has a large tank of koi on display inside the restaurant. The Rising Sun Eatery is open 24 hours a day to cater to all Sims, even those that work the late night shift. An estimated value of the restaurant is said to be around 102,118. It'll cost a good deal of Simoleons to buy out the owner which is double the price of the current value.

Floor Plan

Some Random Photos

View more photos here

Expansions and Stuff Packs Used
I have all EPs and SPs up to Island Paradise
Most content used is from World Adventures and Late Night

Store Content
Giant Bonsai Tree (Not Required)

Custom Content

Note: Only 2 levels of this lot is furnished and playable.

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