Wednesday, July 10, 2013

EA Makeover: Liam O'dourke

Liam O'dourke is my first makeover ever. He's the guy that let's you know that the Official Sims 3 site is down and lives in Hidden Springs. Never thought I would do one of these, but over at the Simmer's Society the theme for this month is Geeks, so one of the challenges was to makeover Liam of course. In the challenge we were allowed free reign over his clothing, but we were not allowed to alter any of his facial features, eye color or hair color, with the exception of custom skins, eyes, eyebrows and makeup if you chose to use any of those. As far as makeup nothing was allowed to be too over the top. Oh how badly I wanted to change his hair, nose and Liam's lips. Currently Liam is not available for download, maybe perhaps in the future once I tweak him to my liking he'll be available.

More photos of Liam

Liam before Makeover

CAS Shot

Ingame Shots

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